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Golfers Power Drive

The foundation of a great golf swing starts from the ground up. Playing golf from the ground up....referred to as GRF (Ground Reaction Force) is essential to improving golf skills. Learning to apply more force into the ground, particularly off a stabilized back leg, hip and foot and then to transfer this power through the front side. If a golfer applies a force to the ground, he or she creates ground reaction forces that are stored and released through the body. Our hips and legs are powerful and we must teach them how to load and then transfer higher energy. By creating linear and rotational velocity at our body's center / core a golfer creates a chain reaction of linear then rotational movement where the velocity continues to the end of their kinetic chain.  This linear then rotation movement and load begins in the feet working it's way to the hips and continues through the shoulders, arms and finally the golf swing. This golfer's athletic skill must be taught. We can learn by properly training the muscles that comprise the core. It's important to train the core and its sub-systems to load and transfer power. The GOLFERS POWER DRIVE training aid does this by giving the golfer the kinetic feel and auditory CLICK feedback while performing the correct load and transfer motion with the feet, hips, and legs to their front side. This is the basis of the GOLFERS POWER DRIVE lower body training aid used by the highest level golfers but can also improve golfers of any level.




Golfers Power Drive

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